Non-Public Schools Participating in The EETT/ARRA Grant 2009-2011

  1. Back Creek Christian Academy
  2. Charlotte Catholic
  3. Holy Trinity
  4. Our Lady of the Assumption
  5. St. Gabriel
  6. St. Mark
  7. St. Matthew
  8. St. Patrick
  9. United Faith Christian Academy

End of Year Procedures (2011)

Paying Instructors for teacher professional development

CMS has implemented a new process for vendors which will affect those of you using teachers to conduct professional development. The previous process of emailing or faxing an instructor stipend form along with a W9 form will no longer be accepted. The teacher(s) conducting the training will now have to register on-line as a vendor. See procedures below:

1. Go to the CMS website:
2. Click on departments – will be on the left side bar
3. Click on the N-P tab – will be on the left side bar
4. Click on Procurement – will be in the middle section at the bottom
5. Vendor application will be on the left side bar
6. Once complete click on “submit form”.


The Evaluation form is on the third page of the planning form.

Broken or Stolen Equipment

Broken- Please schedule a time to deliver broken equipment to the Instructional Technology Department before the end of this school year so that we can properly surplus it.
Lost or Stolen- Inform and provide Instructional Technology a copy of the Police Report for lost or stolen equipment.

Email or call Donna Jessup at or 343-3714 if you have questions.

Grant Allotments
2009-2010 EETT Funding

EETT Allotment
ARRA Allotment
Total Allotment

Indirect Cost Reduction


Amount Available to distribute


EETT Allotment
ARRA Allotment
Total Allotment
Back Creek Christian School
Charlotte Catholic
Holy Trinity
Our Lady of the Assumption
St. Gabriel Catholic
St. Mark Catholic
St. Matthew
St. Patrick
United Faith Christian

Per student EETT allotment

per student ARRA allotment

Total Allotment

Non-Public Schools acquired 27% of both EETT and ARRA grant funds this school year.


*Important Update- ARRA funds cannot be used for travel outside of the county. ARRA purchases will need to go through a bid process.
Planning Form
Please complete the planning form to help us record and advise on your purchases. The evaluation is to be completed at the end the school year.

Purchasing Equipment

Note: All items being purchased with ARRA funds must be bid. The CMS purchasing department will carry out the bid process. Each Non-Public School is asked to reserve up to $600 to pay for the cost of advertising for the bid. This is a requirement for all purchasing using ARRA funds.

All hardware/software purchases will go through the CMS procurement process. All items must be purchased on a purchase order. Schools will not be reimbursed for items purchased.
1. Schools should acquire a quote for the desired item(s) from an approved vendor including tax and shipping. Vendor information such as address, phone number, fax and contact person, should be present with the quote document. We recommend checking with multiple vendors to secure the best possible price.
2. Email the quote to the CMS contact person, Donna Jessup at fax it to 980-343-5696. The quote will first be approved by the CMS Instructional Technology Director before being forwarded to the CMS budget department for processing.
3. The item(s) will be delivered to the Instructional Technology Department for receiving and inventory. All equipment remains on the CMS inventory while in the possession of the non-public school. The CMS contact person will make arrangements with the non-public school for pick up or delivery of the item(s). All items will be identified with a green label for identification. The item(s) remains the property of CMS while in the possession of the non-public school. Please communicate with the CMS contact person if the item(s) is lost, stolen or damaged.

Purchasing Services
Non-Public Schools can pay stipends to teachers to conduct afterschool in-service as long as the in-service begins after the teacher’s regular duty hours. The rate of pay used by CMS is $25.00 per hour for Bachelor's Degree, $30 per hour for Master's Degree, and $35 per hour for Doctorate Degree. Third party services may also be used to conduct in-service.
1. Submit the following forms for afterschool in-service:
a. W9 form-see below
b. Professional Development Invoice- see below

Travel Expenditures for conferences or workshops
CMS will pay registration, travel and hotel out of the non-public school allotments for conferences and/or workshops. Vendors must accept purchase orders for the expenses.
1. Provide the CMS contact person the registration, travel, and/or hotel accommodation information (with the confirmation number) for a Purchase Order to be completed for the number of staff attending the conference or workshop.
Note: Penalties and charges resulting from the cancellation of any travel reservations shall be the school’s obligation.

Questions and Answers:

Non-Public Schools Participating in the EETT Grant 2008-2009
  1. Alexander Youth Network
  2. Trinity Episcopal
  3. Providence Christian
  4. St. Matthew Catholic
  5. Our Lady of the Assumption
  6. St. Patrick Catholic
  7. Holy Trinity Catholic Middle
  8. St. Gabriel Catholic
  9. Resurrection Christian
  10. St. Mark
  11. St. Ann