Presenter 2010- Dr. Elizabeth Claytor

Presenter 2009- Tim Cooper

PowerPoint used in Movie Maker Introduction

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Video used in Movie Maker Session

Movie Maker Handout

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Digital Native, Digital Immigrants article by Marc Prensky

Online Tutorial
Atomic Learning tutorial videos. Good for you or your students!

What do you need to do to have a successful Windows Movie Maker project in your classroom?

  1. Plan: Storyboard and Write
  2. Produce: Record the pieces
  3. Chop: Edit the pieces
  4. Publish: Share your creation
More specifically, 7 steps to create a Digital Story.

Hardware needs

During this session, I'm using a Flip Mino digital camcorder. This camera has a built-in USB connector and can record an hour of video, more than enough for use in your classroom. After a simple installation by your tech contact (installing the video driver and codec, which is automatic), you can plug this into your computer at school and it will appear as a flash drive (E:, probably).
Additional Flash Drive (I'd recommend the largest one you can by for $25 (as of March 2009 that's a 8 GB drive, typically)

Website Links for online resources
As you begin creating podcasts, you also need to be aware of copyright issues and teach your students about them as well. A great starting point for discussions with your students about copyright.
Wes Fryer's Digital Story Telling links and lesson ideas.
Some digital storytelling examples, ideas, and grading rubrics
Online forum and resource for using Movie Maker
PapaJohn's website with tons of resources and support for Windows Movie Maker